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Kożuchów Nursing Home is the latest facility to be equipped with PURELIGHT LUG luminaires

14 июля 2020

PURELIGHT LUG solutions using ultraviolet radiation to reduce health risk, are an ideal solution for use in areas particularly exposed to dangerous micro-organisms.

On 14 July 2020, we delivered PURELIGHT LUG FLOW and PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT luminaires to the Nursing Home in Kożuchów, which enable the effective sterilisation of surfaces and the air from hazardous micro-organisms. The official meeting, during which the luminaires were handed over, was attended by the main initiator of the entire undertaking Wadim Tyszkiewicz, currently serving as a Senator of the Republic of Poland (Mayor of Nowa Sól between 2002-2019) and representatives of the Kożuchów Nursing Home and our company.

In addition to solutions intended for direct wall mounting, we have provided mobile versions of luminaires to the Kożuchów Nursing Home, thanks to which it is possible to sterilise various rooms depending on current needs.

We are very happy that in our Nursing Home we will be able to use the PURELIGHT LUG lamps every day, which will certainly contribute to increasing the safety of both our charges and the entire staff. We are grateful for the support of LUG Light Factory specialists, who not only provided us with their solutions using UV-C technology, but also made sure to select appropriate luminaire variants to meet the individual needs of our facility” – comments Jolanta Szatkowska, Director of the Nursing Home in Kożuchów.

The Nursing Home in Kożuchów is the latest place where we have delivered PURELIGHT LUG solutions. Last week, our lamps were delivered to the Independent Public Health Care Institution General Hospital in Nowa Sól, where currently 26 PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID luminaires are eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould or fungi indoors every day.

Recent months have shown the importance of taking care of safety, especially in public buildings and medical facilities, where many people are exposed to dangerous micro-organisms every day. Public awareness of this issue is constantly growing, resulting in a lot of interest in our products for sterilising rooms. The Nursing Home in Kożuchów is yet another institution that will be safer thanks to PURELIGHT LUG luminaires. We are grateful for the trust you place in the solutions from our product portfolio. Every day, the team of LUG specialists makes every effort to meet the needs dictated by dynamically changing reality, which results in, for example, new variants of luminaires in the PURELIGHT LUG family, increasing their scope of application thanks to the possibility of mobile application of lamps in rooms” – comments Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of the Management Board of LUG S.A.

The PURELIGHT LUG family of luminaires uses ultraviolet radiation to reduce health risks by preventing the reproduction of dangerous micro-organisms. UV-C radiation is one of the most effective methods of disinfecting the air and surfaces (walls, worktops, objects, etc.). It eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi in a room. The proven effectiveness of the 253.7 nm wavelength results in a high disinfection-rate effect. PURELIGHT LUG luminaires can successfully be used not only in medical facilities, but also in educational institutions, public administration buildings, public transport, service companies and production plants.

We are an international capital group operating in 70 countries around the world, which owes its 30 years of continuous development primarily to the ability to respond to the needs of emerging markets. Based on the industry “know-how” we have gained over the decades, using the experience of our team of designers and engineers employed in production plants throughout Europe, we would like to present a new product offer – a family of UV-C luminaires ensuring excellent sterilisation results for rooms. The idea of creating a new group of products was to protect the health and safety of our employees, business partners and customers. Our specialists involved in this project are ready to advise you on the best and most optimal lighting solutions for any type of space requiring sterilisation.


Kożuchów Nursing Home is the latest facility to be equipped with PURELIGHT LUG luminaires