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LUG - Ecology promoter for overseas markets

09 декабря 2020

LUG received a distinction in: Polish Company - International Champion contest in the category: Ecology promoter for overseas markets.

December 9th, 2020, the results of the 9th edition of the Polish Company - International Champion contest. This unique event promotes the activity of Polish companies on international markets. The contest also emphasises that awarded companies effectively compete with foreign companies on a daily basis and thus build a positive image of Poland abroad. This year, the competition was extended with new categories, including Ecology promoter for overseas markets, in which our company received an award.

„For the second time we take part in the Polish Company - International Champion competition and we are again among the honored. I am glad that our products have been recognized by the competition jury. Our goal is to achieve the status of an international leader in innovative lighting solutions, and the awarded distinction brings us closer to achieving this goal. We are a socially responsible company, therefore we pay special attention to the impact of our organization on the natural environment. Our luminaires have been designed so that they can be used for a long time with the possibility of obtaining a second life through repair or modernization. Moreover, their production uses materials that can be reused or processed”

- comments Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of the Management Board of LUG S.A. Capital Group.


LUG is a Polish capital group active in 70 countries all over the world. The company operates via an international network of foreign subsidiaries and regional offices. The pro-ecological activity of LUG has been appreciated many times. This year our organizationwas among the companies awarded the title of Climate Aware Company. This is the result of the 2nd edition of the Crisis Climate Awareness 2020 survey organized by the Reporting Standards Foundation, the Stock Exchange Issuers Association and Bureau Veritas Polska. LUG achieved the third result from among 151 surveyed largest companies in Poland.

LUG - Ecology promoter for overseas markets