Детский сад, Кастелланца, Италия

Детский сад, Кастелланца, Италия

Castellanza, Italy
Photos: Mario Brancato
Distributor partner: Gewa Italia
Delivered Products:
UV-C Luminaires
61 dedicated devices for air and surface decontamination from the group of PURELIGHT LUG luminaires:
- 36 PURELIGHT LUG DIRECT luminaires
- 25 PURELIGHT LUG HYBRID luminaires

In order to ensure the highest standards of protection against viruses and other harmful microorganisms, the Luigi Pomini kindergarten has equipped its facility with PURELIGHT LUG surface and air decontamination devices. Every day, more than 160 children stay in an institution located on the outskirts of Milan. We are extremely pleased that our products can contribute to the health protection of such a large group of the youngest students and the entire educational staff.

Dedicated solution:
- Application of the UV-C technology recommended by the WHO
- Effectiveness confirmed by research
- The use of UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and other microorganisms
- Available in 4 variants: DIRECT, DIRECT OPTI, FLOW and HYBRID
- Dedicated accessories increasing the safety of use
- Widely used e.g. in hospitals, doctor's offices, laboratories, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, service companies, production plants

I am really very pleased with how Luigi Pomini Kindergarten is handling the Covid-19 crisis. The kindergarten staff has done and continues to do an excellent job to ensure maximum protection of children's health. I was very impressed with the luminaires using UV-C radiation, which neutralize the coronavirus and provide greater safety for children.
Mayor of Castellanza, Mirella Cerini
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