HUB HUB, Варшава, Польша

HUB HUB, Варшава, Польша

HubHub is an initiative of international developer HB Reavis. It is a combination of a rich programme of educational events and a comfortable coworking space disigned by Origameo and Magdalena Drygalak.

The two-storey coworking space occupies 2750 m2 in Nowogrodzka Square, located at 93 Jerozolimskie Avenue in Warsaw. A modern office with an open and inspiring space provides 350 workstations. These are both private rooms and shared desks. It is the second such place open in Poland. Other offices are located in Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, and London.

Unique interiors designed by arch. Magdalena Drygalak, surprise with their original forms and colours. They are also equipped with modern intelligent lighting systems. There is also a common kitchen, individual lockers for storing personal belongings, comfortable parking spaces for bicycles, numerous relaxation zones, and comfortable conference space. Offices of various sizes provide not only space for effective work, but also the opportunity to share ideas and cooperate conceptually.

"When creating HubHub Nowogrodzka Square, we took into account the needs of our members and focused first of all on the functions we „dressed” in good design. The project was created in the spirit of „activity-based work”. Our members can work in different spaces: from traditional offices, through private places to quiet work equipped with seats stimulating changes in the spine position, or tables for standing work. The common office also allows for short breaks to be taken to increase efficiency throughout the day. For these purposes, our tenants can use the game room, bar space, nap room, or library, where you can relax but also swing.
Each space in the HubHub is provided with lighting that supports specific functions, as well as an important decorative element. The intensity and colour of the lighting help to focus, relax and spend time together over a cup of coffee. Particularly impressive is the lighting of the event space. The transverse alignment of the lamps is a mirror reflection of the pattern on the carpet. It creates a coherent and unique composition. The possibility of dimming the whole installation gives users flexibility while allowing them to adjust the intensity of the light to the climate of the event."

Bartosz Chmiel
Brand & Marketing Manager, HubHub

"Modern lighting is characterised not only by excellent technical parameters but also by high comfort of use. Creating attractive office spaces often requires a non-standard approach, especially in open spaces, connecting many utility zones with different requirements. Thanks to the development of LED technology, we have the tools to create user- and environmentally friendly solutions. A wide range of products allows us to give rooms their own character while maintaining the integrity of the whole interior. Despite the challenges posed by modern architecture, a professional approach to the design process enables us to create innovative solutions which stand out on the market."

Michał Jedut
Senior Designer, LUG Light Factory


Contest organised by the Polish Lighting Industry Association
Second place in the category INTERNAL LIGHTING
for HUB Hub Nowogrodzka Square.

"The jury appreciated the well-thought-out selection and application of luminaires in terms of functionality and aesthetics of rooms in a modern office building. The form of the luminaires used and the lighting effect give the interiors a friendly work atmosphere in spite of the industrial character of the interior itself"

Krzysztof Nowakowski,
Warsaw Development Planning Office
Jury Chairman